The Group Antígona, women and rights in gender perspective is a center of research and of legal information, resources and initiatives about women and rights in Spain.

Antigona was established in 2000 within the Department of Political Science and Public Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona located in Catalonia, Spain.

At present, the group has expanded with participation of professionals from different universities and national and foreign research centers, as well as civil society organization. Antígona was recognized, in 2009, as a Consolidated Research Group (ref 2009-SGR-00570) by the Agency for the Management of University and Research (AGAUR) of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

Mayo 2014. Lorena Garrido Jiménez, profesora del curso Violencia machista en el ambito comunitario

investigación en violencia de género

21, 22, 28 y 29 de mayo de 2014. Lorena Garrido Jiménez participa en el Curso "Violencia machista en el ámbito comunitario" organizado por el ICD y coordinado por Genera. Igualada. [+]

24/03/2014. Lorena Garrido Jiménez participa en la Mesa Redonda Acoso sexual en entornos laborales

investigación en violencia de género

24 de marzo de 2014. Lorena Garrido Jiménez participa en la Mesa Redonda "Acoso sexual en entornos laborales", en el marco del Seminario intervención - investigación en violencia de género, organizado por la Universitat de Girona.



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